Filerimos 2024

    SVG Image Ialisos, Rhodes
    SVG Image 24-02-2024

    The Vargas-Antaios Mountain Run Laurel Race is here! On Filerimos hill! If you like running or walking in the mountains, then take part in the Filerimos Mountain Run with a total distance of 8,222m. Let's have a good time! - Start/Finish: in front of the outdoor fire station.

    8os Agonas Aghaio Oros Race

    SVG Image Aghaio Oros, Attica
    SVG Image 25-02-2024

    In the beautiful mountain mass of Western Attica, described by mythology as Mount Aghai for the stress and distress of the mother Demeter who was looking for her only daughter Persephone, when she had been lost in the underworld, the APS APOLLO WEST ATTICA decided to organize AGHAI games TERMS.

    Katerini Run 2024

    SVG Image Katerini
    SVG Image 03-03-2024

    The Katerini Run comes again this year with a flat race course, one of the fastest in Greece, with a reference point the direct connection and dynamic relationship of the city of Katerini with the sea, the extensive coastal zone, with the unique background of the Pieria mountains and Olympus.

    Run Maroussi - Spyros Louis 2024

    SVG Image Marousi
    SVG Image 03-03-2024

    The races are organized in memory of the 1st winner of the Marathon at the Athens Olympic Games in 1896, Spyros Louis from Amarousio.

    8th Arta Half Marathon

    SVG Image Arta
    SVG Image 30-03-2024

    Come run and get to know Arta, a city with a rich history, many important historical monuments and wonderful natural beauties. The race route has been designed so that it passes by the most important historical points of the city and of course by the famous Arta bridge.

    Olympia Marathon 2024

    SVG Image Ancient Olympia
    SVG Image 30-03-2024

    The Olympia Marathon is not another road race, it is the only Marathon, this great and hopeful event, unites today the two historical places of Elis and Olympia that were to remain in history, as the places of the high ideals of Olympism, of Peace , Solidarity and the Fellowship of the peoples. As two places, where the Olympic Spirit was born and the Olympic Ideal revived.

    Arafinios Dromos 2024 - team

    SVG Image Municipality of Rafina - Pikermiou
    SVG Image 31-03-2024

    The Municipality of Rafina - Pikermio and DAS ARAFIN announce for the 8th year the running of the "8th ARAPHINE ROAD" on Sunday, March 31, 2024.Roads on Public Roads include the distances of 10 km and 5 km. for runners aged 12 and over.


    SVG Image Steno Arkadias
    SVG Image 31-03-2024

    Georganteia 2024 is a recreational event with a cultural, historical and entertainment dimension, preserving the spiritual legacy of N. Georgantas, a pioneering athlete who left an indelible mark in the field of sports.

    Saronikos Dromos 2024

    SVG Image Megara
    SVG Image 31-03-2024

    It is one of the most historic long-distance road races in our country, and specifically the 4th oldest, after the Spartanathlon, the 100m, and the Euchideion. The route is beautiful and aesthetic for the most part, while approaching the coastline of the Saronic Gulf. Notable points along the route are the Vourkari wetland, Pachi, Kineta and Vareas beach.

    17th Messini Marathon

    SVG Image Messini - Ν. Messinias
    SVG Image 07-04-2024

    Messini hosts an unforgettable celebration of sports for everyone. Athletes will have the opportunity to participate in the marathon, in the Marathon relay (2X21.1km) and in parallel roads 10 km, 3 km and a children's race 1000m.

    Tρέχω για την υγεία μου

    SVG Image Ίλιον Αττικής
    SVG Image 06-04-2024

    SVG Image Alexandroupoli
    SVG Image 12-04-2024

    We run under the light of the moon on the Night Road of Thrace on the beach of Alexandroupolis! For the fourth time in a short period of time, Alexandroupolis welcomes runners from all over Greece.

    10th Charity Race "Run for Hope" 2024

    SVG Image Oraiokastro
    SVG Image 13-04-2024

    The purpose of the race, in addition to highlighting the benefits of sports, is mainly to raise awareness among citizens towards vulnerable social groups, such as children with autism, and to support the "ELPIDA" Autistic Unit.

    Ορεινός Αγώνας Γερανείων 2024

    SVG Image Λουτράκι, Κορινθίας
    SVG Image 13-04-2024

    Κάθε χρόνο, όλο και περισσότεροι δρομείς έρχονται να βιώσουν τις μοναδικές προκλήσεις και τις ανταμοιβές αυτής της απίστευτης διοργάνωσης τρεξίματος. Μη χάσετε αυτή την ευκαιρία να δοκιμάσετε τα όριά σας! Σας περιμένουμε στην αφετηρία!

    Evripidia Diadromi

    SVG Image Mykonos
    SVG Image 13-04-2024

    The Evripidea Route is aimed at athletes, walkers, families, young and old runners and is an event held in memory of the rowing teacher and champion, Evripides Sklivanitis.

    SVG Image Kanalaki - Preveza
    SVG Image 20-04-2024

    The Hellenic Search and Rescue Association (EEED) of Kanalaki and the Municipality of Parga are co-organizing road races/power walking races of 21.2km, 10.5km, 5.5km. and the children's 450m. & 700m. which will take place in Kanalaki - Preveza. The purpose of the event is the participation of athletes and athletes in physical activity that improves health and quality of life, but also to highlight the history and natural beauty of the area.

    Belles Historic Trail

    SVG Image Neo Petritsi
    SVG Image 27-04-2024

    🥇 Belles Historic Trail - A big mountain. A great race: "You race" on paths that made history!!!

    22nd Agonas Dromou Kalamatas 10 k

    SVG Image Kalamata
    SVG Image 26-04-2024

    The race is dedicated to the Association of Friends of People with Special Needs of Messinia and is organized by the Association of Health Runners of Messinia with co-organizers the Regional Unit of Messinia and the Municipality of Kalamata.

    15o Eπετειακό Μονοπάτι Παρνασσού

    SVG Image Aμφίκλεια
    SVG Image 27-04-2024

    TYROS RUN .24 - George Marneris

    SVG Image Tyros Arkadias
    SVG Image 11-05-2024

    Run in Tyros Run 2024! From the amazing flat beach to the beautiful orange groves and the magnificent view of the Myrtle Sea, you will be surrounded by the beauty of nature at every step.

    Life Run 2024

    SVG Image Αττική, Χαϊδάρι
    SVG Image 17-05-2024

    1st Kalamata Mountain Run KMR

    SVG Image Kalamata
    SVG Image 19-05-2024

    The KalamataMountainRun connects the sea with the mountain and Kalamata with Taygetos. The venue is Mount Kalathi (1340m) which is located next to Kalamata and which starts from the sea in the west and joins the Taygetos in the east.


    SVG Image Deskati, Grevena
    SVG Image 18-05-2024

    For another year, on Sunday May 19, 2024, the event - institution "Konstantineia" will take place in Descati Grevena. As part of the event, road races on a public road and a mountain road race will be organized.

    Skiathos Trail 2024

    SVG Image Σκιάθος
    SVG Image 18-05-2024

    Heyday Road

    SVG Image Sparta - Megalopoli - Andritsaina - Ancient Olympia
    SVG Image 26-05-2024

    In honor of the historic meeting that defined and established the Armistice and established the Olympic Games we are organizing Heyday Road. Over time, listening to the echo of history and the importance of remembering it in today's generations, we felt the need to revive unchanging teachings and legacies of unique men, who determined the course of civilization with their values.

    4th Race Vasiliki Lefkada Road and Mountain Race 2024

    SVG Image Vasiliki, Leukada
    SVG Image 01-06-2024

    Are you ready to take part in the 4th and most special "Vasiliki Lefkada Road and Mountain race"? Whether you're running for your personal record or just for fun, the "Vasiliki Lefkada Road and Mountain race" is for you!

    Run Karpathos 2024

    SVG Image Karpathos
    SVG Image 01-06-2024

    Get ready for a unique running experience along the beach in Karpathos! The second Run Karpathos exceeds the limits of running and challenges you to discover the beauty of our island, walking along the coastal road with the waves dancing beside you!What awaits you:Unobstructed views of the endless blue of the Aegean.Running along the most beautiful beaches of Karpathos.Categories for all levels: 1km, 5km, and 10km.Atmosphere of friendship and sportsmanship.Raffle with many amazing prizes.After the races, there will be free food and drinks for everyone.All routes are mostly flat with a slight elevation at two points of the course.

    SVG Image Syros
    SVG Image 31-05-2024

    Syros Run 2024 comes with routes aimed at everyone who loves running, regardless of level or age.


    SVG Image Evrytania
    SVG Image 23-06-2024

    Come run on the fir-covered paths of Evrytania, experience the magic of mountainous nature, in one of the 3 cleanest ecosystems in Europe, cool off in the crystal clear waters of the Krikellopotamos and enjoy the hospitality of traditional villages, which will be the refueling stations of the races!

    35th Marathonios Olympou

    SVG Image Olympos
    SVG Image 14-09-2024

    The Olympus Mountaineering Marathon is the first race of its kind that took place in Greece, in which the athletes run approximately 41 kilometers following the classic climbing route (Gortsia-Skurta-Mouson Plateau-Prionia-Enipeas-Litochoro.