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At Athletopia, we’re always seeking innovative ways to support your running ambitions. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our new AI Coach Hermes available in our app, offering personalized running coaching tailored to your unique goals and needs.

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🤖 Why an AI Coach?

Hermes is a cutting-edge AI technology powered by OpenAI that understands and responds to your specific queries. We’re bringing you a virtual coach that’s available 24/7, providing expert advice, motivational support, and answers to your running-related questions.


Personalized for You

When you interact with our AI Coach Hermes, it takes into consideration key information:
– The specific event you’re training for
– The type of event (road, trail, etc.)
– Time left to your event
– The distance you’re aiming for
– Your main goal with this event
– Your current training progress
– Your event history
This level of personalization ensures that the advice you receive is not just generic running tips but a customized training approach that aligns with your individual goals and the specifics of your upcoming event.


How It Works

1. Easy Access: Find the AI Coach in the navigation menu (“Coach”)
2. Real-Time Interaction: Ask any running-related question and receive immediate, expert advice.
3. Tailored Training Plans: Get suggestions on training plans, nutrition, recovery, and race preparation, all aligned with your event details.
4. Progress Tracking: Update your training progress, and our AI coach will adapt its advice accordingly.
5. Additional event releated information: Ask Hermes about his suggestions about your gear, nutrition plans, things to see or do at yiour event location and much more.


🏁 Ready to Start?

Whether you’re gearing up for your first 5K or aiming to set a new personal best in a marathon, Athletopia’s AI Coach is here to ensure your training is as smart, effective, and enjoyable as possible. Let’s lace up those shoes and hit the ground running with the power of AI at your fingertips!


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