May 29, 2024 anna

Kerkini Lake Run

The “Kerkini Lake Run 2024” is coming on Sunday, June 16, 2024, at the “Limanaki” in Lithotopos, in the Municipality of Iraklia, Serres.

The aim of the event is to offer everyone a unique experience, leaving them with unforgettable impressions of both the natural beauty of the area and the organization of the races.
The race program includes:
1) Kerkini Lake Run – 21km Kri Kri Super Spoon
2) Lake Walk – 13.5km
3) Gatidis Fresh – 7.5km
4) Aristotelian Road – 1.5km (children’s race)

Route characteristics: All routes are dirt paths, flat, by the lake, and located at the foothills of the Krousia mountain range, on the eastern embankment of Lake Kerkini, which is also the grazing area of the Greek water buffalo. Starting and finishing at the “Limanaki” in Lithotopos, passing by the chapel of Saint Stephanos at the height of Chrysokhorafa, the route reaches Limnohori, where the turnaround point of the main race is, thus connecting the three lakeside villages of the Municipality of Iraklia.

Lake Kerkini
Kerkini is an artificial lake formed in 1932 with the creation of a dam on the Strymon River. In 1982, due to the reduction of the lake’s capacity from sediments, a new dam was constructed. The area of the lake varies according to the season. It is 35 km from Serres and 80 km from Thessaloniki, bordering the villages of Lithotopos, Kerkini, etc. Due to its location and natural features, the lake has seen significant tourist development, contributing to the income of the local residents.

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