May 14, 2024 anna

Koutouki Trail Run 2024

The Koutouki Trail Run 2024 is coming to Paiania for an exciting event on May 26, 2024, at the Koutouki Cave. The event offers a 10km trail run, starting and finishing at the Koutouki Cave in Paiania. The route is dirt and circular, with volunteers monitoring the course and providing first aid and water stations along the way for the safety of participants. Additionally, as part of the event, there will be a Children’s Race of 1,000m, encouraging kids to engage with sports, the environment, and the importance of effort.

The Koutouki Cave is an accessible cave located on the eastern slopes of Mount Hymettus, above Paiania, at an altitude of 510 meters above sea level. Discovered accidentally in 1926, it was mapped in 1954 by Ioannis and Anna Petrocheilos. The cave includes a chamber approximately 60 by 60 meters, internally divided by columns and stone curtains. The lowest point of the chamber is located to the east, at an altitude of 504.4 meters, while the highest point is to the west, at a height of 525.2 meters. The cave is characterized by the presence of 55 columns, with an average height of 2.5 meters, and the tallest one, near the natural entrance, reaching a height of 7.2 meters. The natural entrance is located on the roof of the cave and is a shaft with a depth of 38 meters.

The Koutouki Trail Run 2024 is a race for everyone, athletes and enthusiasts alike, regardless of fitness level, offering a unique opportunity for exercise and entertainment.

Participation in the race is FREE, as the cost of the event is fully covered by the Municipality of Paiania. Come and join us for an unforgettable experience at the Koutouki Trail Run 2024!

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