May 10, 2024 anna

Product Release 9.05.2024

We continuously aim to improve both your experience and that of your runners, creating solutions that offer real value. We present to you: the improvement of registration scheduling and the addition of distances to your races.

Set the exact time for opening and closing your registrations:

From the organizer panel, you can set not only the date but also the time you want to open/close the event and its registrations. This new feature will help you better organize your event in advance. As for the opening and closing times of registrations, the exact duration depends on each race and the organizing authority. Usually, registrations open a few weeks before the race date and close a few days before the race or when the maximum number of participants is reached.

Set the distance for your races:


Runners often look for specific race distances to participate in. Through our calendar, they can more easily choose the race they’re looking for. Adding distances to your races is a great addition that helps runners select the race that best fits their preferences and goals. Through the calendar, runners can better manage their time and training priorities by selecting races based on their athletic level and personal preferences.

This way, runners can find races that match their performance level and prepare them for their next goals. Additionally, the ability to choose a distance can encourage runners to participate in more races and expand their range of experiences in the running community. Find your event on the calendar and learn everything you need to know at a glance!

Other improvements:

In this version, we have also made improvements to the mobile app, making it even faster, enriched the panel and app with new features, and much more.

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