May 8, 2024 anna

9th Trail Race Captain Chronas

A Unique Opportunity to Explore Mountain Nature Awaits You at the 9th Captain Chronas Trail Race in Arcadia!

The Chrysovitsi Association, in collaboration with the Cultural Athletic Folklore Association of Chrysovitsi, the Peloponnese Region, and the Municipality of Tripoli, are organizing the 9th Captain Chronas Trail Race covering a distance of 15 kilometers.

On Saturday, May 18, 2024, nature and mountain running enthusiasts  are invited to discover the enchantment of the pine-covered Mount Mainalo in Arcadia. Participants will have the chance to experience the magic of mountain nature, amidst one of Europe’s three cleanest ecosystems. They can also visit the museum-house of Kolokotronis, refresh themselves in the crystalline waters of Falanthos, and enjoy the hospitality of traditional villages, which will also serve as race supply stations!

The race includes mountain routes in the Falanthos area of Arcadia, connecting the historic Kolokotronis villages of Limbovisi, Arkoudorema, Piana, and Chrysovitsi.

The race is organized as part of the celebratory events of Chrysovitsi for the Elder of Moria, offering a unique way to explore the area and experience its tradition and culture. The event program also includes a guided tour of the Kolokotronis Museum.

To register for participation, click here.