May 2, 2024 anna

3rd Thrakomakedones Run

The online community “Polites Asfalis” of Thrakomakedones, along with volunteers from the community of Acharnes, are getting ready to welcome the third charitable local race, 3rd Thrakomakedones Run!

The race, taking place on Sunday, May 12, 2024, is an opportunity for the running community to come together around the values of solidarity. With different races tailored for all ages and performance levels, the “3rd Thrakomakedones Run” invites participants to discover the joy of running and their ability to contribute to the common good.

Alongside the race, solidarity actions will be held, enhancing its character as a charitable event. Sampling of seilel (traditional Greek sweet) by the Association of Friends of Children with Cancer “ELPIDA” and an adoption celebration for stray animals by the animal welfare organization of Acharnes are just some of the initiatives complementing this event.

The race route includes gentle uphill slopes at the beginning, followed by steep downhill descents, ending with a flat finish for the last 750 meters.

Register today here.