March 27, 2024 athletopian-user

We run in your footsteps: Natasa

“Running in Natasa’s Footsteps”

Natasa is a true inspiration for those who love running, especially ultra running! With every step, she covers distances that once seemed impossible. While sports have always been part of her life, her love for running began in adulthood, after her pregnancies, to get back in shape. The running shoes that stayed on the shelf during her first year became lifelong companions, and now, if she doesn’t run for a day, she feels like something is missing, despite the many other activities she engages in daily.

Her running journey started with a race organized by the “Xanthi Runners”. When she learned about this event in her city, she simply decided to participate – and she did. At that time, she had no experience in running, but after her first 3 kilometers, she felt immense joy. From those 3 kilometers, she progressed to 5, then 10, to half-marathons, and finally to ultras. As she advanced, she enjoyed each race more and more and wanted to experience even more such events.

This initial challenge evolved into a love for sports and endurance. Preparation for an ultra race requires many hours of hard work and dedication. Natasa trains hard and systematically, following a 3-month preparation program before each race. Thus, she aims to participate in 4 races per year and finds some time between them to start again more dynamically and with more enthusiasm.

Why should someone run an ultra race? As she says, “Ultra races fill your days and hours, offering you a new relationship with nature and the energy of your body. During the race, you meet people who understand you and share the same passion as you. You make friends with people whom you didn’t even know five minutes ago.”

The next challenge for Natasa is the Serres Circuit Ultra Run, a participation she hopes will pave the way for her dream of participating in the Spartathlon. To face the Serres Circuit Trail, she has temporarily left the mountains and trails she loves so much and turned to the asphalt. As she tells us, she is used to running in the mountains and enjoying nature, streams, and the beauties of the landscape. Nevertheless, she realizes that this sacrifice must be made to achieve her dream.

Finally, she emphasizes that everyone should find their motivation to start and remain active. Motivation is something that can change over time, and for her, her journey started with the desire to lose weight, while now running is an integral part of her life.

And don’t forget: the most important thing is proper guidance in the world of sports, to develop and stay away from injuries!