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10th Mountain Charity Run “Autism – HOPE”

10th Mountain Charity Run “Autism – HOPE”: The Path for Support and Awareness

With eyes focused on strengthening the community, the Association of Friends of the Autistic Individuals “Autism-HOPE” in Thessaloniki once again highlights the importance of solidarity and awareness with the annual 10th Mountain Charity Run “Autism-HOPE”.

On Saturday, April 14th, the paths of the picturesque forest of the Municipality of Oraiokastro will be filled with people who have decided to take part in something special.

Participants have the opportunity to choose from three different routes:

  • 1 km Route

  • 5+ km Route

  • 15 km Route

Association of Friends of the Autistic Individual “Autism-HOPE”

Since its establishment in 1997, the Association of Friends of the Autistic Individual “Autism-HOPE” has dedicated its efforts to supporting and promoting the well-being of autistic children and their families. Through initiatives and events such as theatrical performances, concerts, and excursions, the Association gathers people from the area to support this important work.

At the heart of their actions lies the Mountain Charity Run, an event that has become a landmark for the community. Since 2013, this race has provided athletes, students, and citizens with the opportunity to come together and support the Association’s work.

The different routes offered, from a leisurely walk to the challenge of the 15-kilometer trail, give each participant the chance to find the race that best suits their abilities and preferences.

Beyond sports, the race has a very important purpose: raising awareness among the public about vulnerable social groups, with a focus on children with autism. Through participation and support in such events, everyone can be part of an effort to shape a better society.

The organization of this Mountain Charity Run would not be possible without the support of many partners and organizations. Collaboration with the Region of Central Macedonia, the Cultural Center of the Metropolitan Unit of Thessaloniki, and the Association of Health Runners of Thessaloniki underscores the importance of cooperation for the common good.

For registrations and more information about the race, click here.

Let’s run together for a better tomorrow!