March 26, 2024 athletopian-user

Oreinos Agonas Geraneion 2024

Mountain Race of Geraneia 2024

The Mountaineering Club of Loutraki is excited to announce the organization of the “Mountain Race of Geraneia” on Sunday, April 14, 2024. The “Mountain Race of Geraneia” is one of the most popular trails in Greece, covering a distance of 22 kilometers. The route traverses the ridgeline of the Geraneia mountain range, offering breathtaking panoramic views and a unique experience for participants. With 92% of the route consisting of trails, athletes will enjoy a close connection with nature and the surrounding environment. This year, changes and improvements have been made to make the route even more attractive and interesting. The route starts from the sea and, after leaving the city, crosses the dense mountain range of Geraneia. It follows the ridgeline, passing through fir forests, until it reaches the sea again.


Loutraki, Corinthia, is a seaside destination located in the heart of Greece, with a rich history and impressive natural beauty. Its warm thermal springs, considered among the most therapeutic in Greece, make it one of the most popular therapeutic destinations in the country. The beach of Loutraki, with its clear waters of the Corinthian Gulf, offers unique moments of relaxation and recreation to its visitors. Guests can also explore the many attractions of the area, such as the Archaeological Site of Ancient Corinth and the Isthmus of Corinth, which connects the Peloponnese with central Greece. All these make Loutraki a comprehensive destination for recreation, wellness, and adventure.

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