March 8, 2024 athletopian-user

We run in your footsteps : Lia Alevizou

In life, we often encounter people who inspire us with their resilience and determination. Lia is one of those bright examples, a mom who runs with strength and love.

During the Covid pandemic, when gyms were closed, Lia had to seek alternative ways to exercise. “I had to do something,” she says, “so I started running.” Gradually, she fell in love with it, integrated it into her daily routine, and it became a habit. And that was it. Now, she finishes one workout and thinks about the next.

Lia’s journey with sports began many years ago when she was still a child. She grew up in sports, starting with swimming and then moving on to weights. When she decided to take up running, she faced a series of challenges. With patience and determination, however, she managed to overcome the difficulty of running “without breath,” as she puts it. The fact that she quit smoking five years ago is an exceptional achievement in itself, and despite the initial difficulties, she persevered and eventually succeeded. She achieved the ability to run and become like the people she once saw running and thought, “Good for them, kudos to their perseverance.”

The support of her loved ones, especially her husband, was crucial to her success. With their encouragement, she managed to keep running.

Lia is the mother of Anatoli and despite being a woman with a very busy daily schedule, often overloaded with extra duties, as she herself mentions, she will go out for a run, showing us that when you really want something, you will find a way. “It’s about how much you want it. You find time, as long as you want. And then it’s about what you’re willing to sacrifice from your daily life: you can, for example, spend 20 minutes not sitting on the couch with your phone, but going out for a run.”

Running became an integral part of her life, and it’s one of the ways she shows her daughter the value of exercise and dedication. It’s one of the ways to set an example for her, to give her motivation and drive. That’s why she started participating in events when she was ready, not aiming to achieve the best times.

Lia reminds us that the greatest gift we can give ourselves is love and care for our physical and mental health: “The benefits you gain from exercise are the best medicine,” she says.

We asked her how she feels when she runs – “like I’m going to a therapist,” she replies. With her determination, she shows us that we can overcome every obstacle and reach our goals… one step at a time. Let’s take inspiration from her story and let running become not only a fitness goal but also a

 way of life, aiming to improve our health… and more! When she completes a race, she feels a unique joy and well-being, proving that the effort is always worth it.

She encourages us to participate in events, even if we don’t run, as even a walk can give someone the incentive they need to make running a way of life.

Her message is clear: “Motivation must come from within us,” and of course, you can do anything, as long as you want to. There is nothing that cannot be done.”