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Katerini Run 2024

The Katerini Run is back this year, offering another unforgettable athletic experience in one of the fastest and most impressive events in the Greek running scene.

This year’s Katerini Run features a flat, fast course that will traverse the beautiful city of Katerini, with views of the sea and the imposing Mount Olympus.

Event details:

  • Date: March 3, 2024

  • Races:

– Half Marathon (21.100m):
Route: The start will be given at Eleftherias Square in Katerini. Runners will cross the Katerini ring road and run along the Olympic Coast, ending back at Eleftherias Square. The route is certified by AIMS.

– 5km:
Route: The start will be at 11:15 at Eleftherias Square in Katerini (city center), where runners will also finish.

– Kids’ race 1km:
Route: The start of the race is at Eleftherias Square in Katerini, following Irinis Street and returning to Eleftherias Square.

The city of Katerini is rich in sights and hosts a plethora of cultural and historical monuments worth exploring. Among them are the Tsolopoulos Mansion, the city park, the Holy Metropolitan Cathedral of the Assumption, and many more.

The Katerini Run promises to be a unique athletic experience, in a beautiful environment that combines sports with natural beauty. Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in this unique event!

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For questions and clarifications, contact us at info@katerinirun.gr.