February 8, 2024 athletopian-user

We run in your footsteps

We run in your footsteps.

Athletopia, the platform that serves as a source of inspiration and connects passionate runners, is embarking on a new chapter in its journey, creating an even more dynamic running community! At the heart of our efforts are you, the runners, who inspire us daily with your passion and determination!

Efi, who proves to be a true protagonist in the world of trail running, shared with us her unique journey in the mountains and on the trails… For Efi, trail running is not just a sport, but a way of life, an exploration of the beauty of nature, and a constant challenge, seeking adventure.

The Relationship with Running
The trail running bug was passed on to her by her friend Natassa, an ultra trail runner. Her relationship with running began 3 years ago, with the mountains being the absolute protagonist. “We go from Alexandroupoli to Olympus for a race; it’s our way to escape from the city,” she says. “We run 5K races with friends,” she adds. Her husband, Michalis, accompanies her on these journeys.

With her upcoming participation in the Belles Trail Race, Efi has already started her preparation from the beginning of the year, aiming to move up from 10 kilometers and run her first half marathon. For this purpose, she trains 4 times a week, doing three running sessions and one on the mountains: “To train on the mountain, we leave Alexandroupoli and usually go to Nymphaea.”

As for the Athletopia app, Efi tells us that: “it’s nice because you can fill in everything there, I also fill in the preps.

The Choice of Mountain Running
Through her experience, Efi talks to us about the magic of running in nature, the escape from everyday life, the joy of discovery, and the continuous challenge offered by mountain trails. It’s the feeling of freedom and the contact with the colors and seasons of nature that make every run a unique experience: “It’s very liberating, it’s life. What you get into in the mountains, you’ll climb up, you’ll come down – it’s Luna Park, when I run in the mountains it’s like being in a Luna Park, that’s how I feel.”