February 7, 2024 athletopian-user

8os Agonas Aghaiou Orous

The Ultimate Challenge of 8os Agonas Aghaiou Orous 2024 is Here!

In the legendary Mount Achaia, where myth narrates Persephone’s search by her beloved mother Demeter, the Apollon Western Attica invites you to the 8th Mount Achaia Race, which will take place on Sunday, February 25, 2024! Three unique races – 28,4700m, 14,350m, and 6,200m – will start simultaneously, offering a triple spectacle of challenge and beauty.

Participants will have the opportunity to conquer the summit of Mount Achaia in a 28 km race, starting from the TITAN settlement and crossing the Church of Theotokos. Simultaneously, the races of 14,350m and 6,200m offer a unique opportunity for runners of all levels to participate and feel the pulse of Mount Achaia.

Get ready to get lost in the enchanting landscape of Mount Achaia, where nature meets mythology. A race that combines the challenge of running with the spiritual wealth of the place.

Seek the challenge, experience the magic. Come run with us to the summit of Mount Achaia by here to register until Wednesday, February 21!