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Festive Road Race Gyros Kadmeias

Festive Road Race “Gyros Kadmeias” 2023: The Last Running Event of the Year

With the spirit of Christmas prevailing, the city of Thebes is gearing up to welcome the last running event of the year, the Festive Road Race “Gyros Kadmeias” 2023.Anticipated to host runners of all ages, creating a festive environment filled with joy, love, and philanthropy, the race will take place on December 31, starting from the Central Square of Thebes. The organization is led by the Thebes Runners Association.

Participants will enjoy a unique running experience, crossing through the most beautiful spots of the city with a festive atmosphere.

The available running races are as follows:

6,000m Race:
Date: December 31, 2023
Start Time: 2:00 PM

Children’s 1,000m Race:
Date: December 31, 2023
Start Time: 11:30 AM

Encourage everyone to join in the excitement and participate in the race, immersing themselves in the festive ambiance as they run through the heart of Thebes! Whether you’re an experienced runner or someone looking for a lively way to conclude the year, the Gyros Kadmeias Festive Road Race is tailor-made for you. Lace up your running shoes and embrace the holiday cheer as you traverse the decorated streets of Thebes.  So, rally your friends and family, and head to the starting line for an unforgettable run that promises to create cherished memories as we say goodbye to 2023. Come and participate in a race that combines sportsmanship and the holiday spirit! It’s the perfect opportunity to bid farewell to 2023 in the most entertaining way

Join us here: to make the final strides of the year both memorable and significant!

For more information, you can contact the organizers via email at