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2nd Arta City Trail

In the heart of the Epirus Region, Arta, the capital of the Epirus Region and the Municipality of Arta, is hosting the upcoming 2nd Arta City Trail. This running event is organized by the Arta Runners Club with the support of the Hellenic Federation of Modern Pentathlon – Running.

Exploring Arta’s Heritage:

The starting and ending point for the run will be Peranthi Hill. Along the route, participants will pass by Arta’s landmarks like Arta’s Bridge, the Castle, and the Ottoman clock, adding a special touch to the experience.

Arta’s Enchanting Landscapes and Noteworthy Highlights:

Arta, nestled in the Epirus Region, captivates visitors with its diverse landscapes and rich historical highlights. Here’s a glimpse into the natural beauty and cultural treasures that make Arta a destination worth exploring:

1. Peranthi Hill Panorama:
The scenic Peranthi Hill, serving as the starting and finishing point for the Arta City Trail, offers a breathtaking panorama of the city. With its elevated vantage point, participants and visitors alike can soak in stunning views of Arta’s rooftops, the flowing Arachthos River, and the surrounding lush landscapes.

2. Arta’s Bridge:
An iconic symbol of Arta, the Arta’s Bridge, gracefully spans the Arachthos River. Dating back to the 17th century, this stone bridge is not only a marvel of Ottoman architecture but also a key focal point for those exploring the city. The bridge’s arches and historic charm create a timeless atmosphere.

3. Arta’s Castle:
Arta’s Castle is a testament to the region’s medieval history. As visitors ascend to the castle, they are rewarded with panoramic views of Arta and the surrounding landscapes.

4. Ottoman Clock Tower:
The Ottoman Clock Tower stands tall, embodying the cultural fusion that defines Arta. Erected during the Ottoman period, the clock tower not only serves a practical purpose but also contributes to Arta’s unique skyline.

5. Walk along the Arachthos River:
Riverside pathways offer a serene escape, allowing residents and visitors to enjoy leisurely walks along the water’s edge.

6. Charming Old Town Streets:
Wandering through the cobbled streets of Arta’s Old Town is like stepping back in time. Local cafes, traditional houses, and charming squares create a nostalgic atmosphere. Exploring these streets reveals hidden gems and allows visitors to connect with the city’s authentic character.

Two Routes to Choose From:

Starting from Prophet Elias, participants can choose between two routes – a challenging 23-kilometer course and a shorter 6-kilometer option. Both routes take runners through Arta’s scenic landscapes, showcasing the region’s history and natural beauty.

Save the Date:

Mark your calendar for Sunday, December 17, 2023, when the event kicks off. The 6-kilometer run starts at 09:00, followed by the 23-kilometer run at 09:15.

Race Time Limits:

To add an element of challenge, there are time limits for each route – 120 minutes for the 6-kilometer run and 240 minutes for the 23-kilometer run.

Registration Details:

With a limited number of spots available (200 per route), interested participants are encouraged to register promptly. You can register for the event at .

Contact Us:

For more information, feel free to reach out to the Arta Runners Club via email at

Get ready to join us for the 2nd Arta City Trail, a run through history and nature that promises a memorable experience for participants of all levels!