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11th Paiko Half Marathon and the 4th “Paiko Chestnut Forest” 5K Race

Revealing Nature and Protecting Mount Paiko: The 11th Paiko Half Marathon and the 4th “Paiko Chestnut Forest” 5K Race

Once again, the Mount Paiko in the Kilkis region is gearing up for the 11th Paiko Half Marathon and the 4th “Paiko Chestnut Forest” 5K race. This event is not just a sporting competition but also a message of love for nature and our precious landscapes.

The Paiko Half Marathon

The history of this race began with the goal of highlighting the natural wealth of the region and protecting it from the destructive effects of mining activities. Today, we are celebrating the 11th organization of this race, dedicated once again to the protection of nature and our invaluable landscapes.

We envision Mount Paiko as a hub for athletes, hikers, cyclists, and thematic visitors, where they can enjoy the fresh air, the trails, the small villages, and the monasteries. We strive to keep Mount Paiko alive and prevent it from becoming a “dead” mountain with hydroelectric plants and wind turbines.

“Paiko Chestnut Forest” 5K Race

This race starts from Prophet Elias and passes through the renowned chestnut forest of the area, providing a unique opportunity to discover the beauty of Mount Paiko.

Our Support for Nature Protection

This race also serves as a message of support for the “Get un- rusty… I’m Alive” movement held in Kakavos. We express our solidarity with the residents who are fighting for the preservation of their land and applaud all efforts to promote and protect the natural wealth of our country through similar events.

Come and Explore Mount Paiko

Our running events are open to everyone, inviting people from various communities to get to know and love this magical region.

Come and explore the natural beauty of Mount Paiko with us! The organizing committee invites you to participate in this celebration of nature, health, and unity.

Let’s run, discover, protect and take care of this natural treasure called Mount Paiko!

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