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Ovidio Running Loutraki

Join Us for the Ovidio Running Loutraki 2023 on November 5th!

This November 5th, Loutraki is all set to host the much-anticipated Ovidio Running Loutraki 2023, a sports event that has carved its name for its competition and inclusiveness, catering to athletes of all ages and fitness levels.

Event Highlights

  • Ovidio Running – 10 Kilometers Race

  • Sports Walk – 2 Kilometers

  • Children’s Race – 1 Kilometer

The Ovidio Running race, spanning 10 kilometers, unfolds along a flat and stunning route by the seashore of Loutraki. This picturesque path stretches 9.9 kilometers, showcasing breathtaking points of interest, including the enchanting Waterfalls, the Roman thermal springs, the captivating Loutraki seaside promenade, the historic Town Hall, the tranquil Beach, the esteemed Polytechnic School, and the mesmerizing underwater bridge of Poseidonias.

For those who prefer a more leisurely stride, the 2-kilometer Sports Walk provides the perfect opportunity to soak in the seaside views of Loutraki. Parents, don’t forget about the 1-kilometer Children’s Race, designed for our youngest athletes to revel in the sporting celebration.

The Ovidio Running Spirit

Ovidio, an inspiring figure for this event, was one of the foremost poets of ancient Rome, with an enduring cultural legacy. Ovidio Running is a testament to our commitment to promoting both sports and culture, bridging the past and present.

Discover Loutraki

Loutraki, renowned for its therapeutic thermal baths, offers a harmonious blend of relaxation, recreation, and healing. Just 84 kilometers from Athens and a stone’s throw from Corinth, it has been a recognized spa town since 1925. The town’s mineral waters are celebrated for their curative properties, used for treatments and relief. Here, you can take part in therapeutic massages, mud therapy, and an array of rejuvenating treatments..

Don’t miss your chance to be part of this unique sports celebration in the enchanting town of Loutraki. Join us on November 5th for the Ovidio Running Loutraki 2023, test your abilities, and immerse yourself in a truly special atmosphere.

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