October 13, 2023 athletopian-user

The 12th Nymfaio Fortress Mountain Trail Run 32 km

Get ready for an exciting challenge as we gear up for the 12th annual  Nymfaia Fortress Mountain Trail Run 32 km. This race, one of the most thrilling mountain runs you’ll ever experience, is right here in Nymfaia and it’s brought to you by the amazing team at Rodopi Runners Health Club. We’re aiming to bring together running enthusiasts from all over.

This race is a big part of the HARTASeries race series, and it’s all about a 32-kilometer course with an impressive 1,600 meters of elevation gain. It’s a true test of your determination, set against the stunning backdrop of Nymfaia’s natural beauty.

Now, let’s talk details about the 12th Nymfaia Fortress Mountain Trail Run 32 km:

  • Mark your calendar for November 5, 2023.

  • The race begins and ends at the Nymfaia Tourist Center, taking you on a memorable circular journey.

Just a heads-up: The starting point isn’t actually in the village of Nymfaia. You’ll find it via a scenic route from Komotini, through the beautiful Nymfaio Forest. Simply follow the asphalt road up from Komotini to reach the starting line.

What’s even cooler, this race is part of the ITRA race series, and you have a shot at earning 1 point. If you’re thinking about your rank in the ITRA, just make sure you register with your name in Latin characters, matching the way it appears on the ITRA lists.

For all you running enthusiasts out there, this isn’t just another race; it’s a chance to explore Nymfaia’s unique charm and push your limits in an environment that promises a real adventure.

So, what do you say? Ready to lace up your running shoes and join us on this epic journey? To sign up and learn more about this incredible event, just click on the link below: