October 6, 2023 athletopian-user

3rd Volos Night Race powered by Elpedison

Get ready for an exciting nighttime journey through the heart of Volos at the 3rd Volos Night Run Elpedison, which will take place on October 28, 2023!

The race, organized by Centaurus-Volos in cooperation with the Municipality of Volos, the Region of Thessaly, SEGAS Thessaly, EPFA Magnesia, and with the support of local authorities and associations, promises an unforgettable experience for participants of all ages and running levels.

Available Routes:

• 10 km
• 5 km
• 500 m Kids’ Run

About Volos

Volos is located in the center of Greece, in the heart of Thessaly, between the capital, Athens (distance 325 km), and the second-largest city, Thessaloniki (distance 215 km).

The city’s history is intertwined with ancient Iolcus, from where Jason embarked on the legendary journey of the Argonauts. Volos boasts a rich cultural heritage and offers you the opportunity to discover its ancient past.

This year, the Volos Night Run holds special significance for the local community as it seeks to support the city and restore a sense of vitality and beauty after the devastating floods that have affected the region recently.

Don’t miss out on this unforgettable nighttime adventure in Volos. Register for the 3rd Volos Night Run Elpedison and be part of a remarkable event that combines sport, culture, and community. Click here: event.athletopia.com/3osnychterinosagonasdromouvolou2023 to register.