September 19, 2023 athletopian-user

8th Alcyon Road Race, ‘On the Road of the Alcyons,’

The 8th Alcyon Road Race, ‘On the Road of the Alcyons,’ will take place on Saturday, September 30th. The nighttime road race covers a distance of 29.7 kilometers, and a parallel race of 6.6 kilometers will also be held. Both races will be held on the Psatha-Alepochori beach. The starting point for both races will be the PARADISE café, with a scheduled start time of 6:58 PM.

As this is a nighttime race, athletes are required to bring flashlights both in front and back, as well as reflectors.

For the transportation of athletes and runners, the Organizing Committee will charter buses that will transport participants from Athens to Psatha at 4:00 PM. The return trip from Psatha to Athens will depart at 12:15 AM.

The beach of Psatha in Alepochori is a hidden paradise that offers a unique experience for its visitors. It is located on the colorful bay of the Saronic Gulf and represents the beauty of Greek coastal nature. The sands of Psatha are golden and soft, while the sea’s water is crystal clear and refreshing.

The race route is located in a magnificent wetland area on the Psatha beach. Across from it are the famous Alcyon Islands, known since ancient times, which got their name from the ancient era due to the numerous flocks of kingfishers that inhabit and multiply in the many and inaccessible crevices of the area’s rugged coastline.

The beautiful beaches of Psatha, next to the nests of the Alcyons, await you to run and discover the beauty of our region!

Please note that registrations will not be accepted on the day of the race, so make sure to register in advance by clicking here: