August 29, 2023 athletopian-user

6th Lefkopigi Mountain Race

The 6th Lefkopigi Mountain Race is happening! On September 3rd, we’re running in Kozani in a race that promises many running thrills for those who choose to participate.

With 3 different routes, it’s certain that everyone, from the most experienced to those taking their first running steps, will find something that matches their abilities! In more detail, the following options are available: a 12 km, aimed at runners with some previous experience in mountain races; a Semi-Mountain Race of 5 km; and a Children’s Race of 1.2 km on an easy route to give our young friends their first taste of running.

Lefkopigi is located 10 km southwest of Kozani, at the foothills of Mount Vourinos. In antiquity, the area was known for its healing environment, and Asclepius and Hygieia were worshipped here. The large plane tree in the village square holds special significance for the area and the village itself.

To participate in the 6th Lefkopigi Mountain Race, register now at: