July 31, 2023 athletopian-user

Pinelopeian Road- 3rd Royal Road Race

The Pinelopeian Road- 3rd royal road race takes place on August 19th in the village of Georgitsi, in Laconia, organized by the “Mnemosyne” Cultural Center of the Lakedaimonians. The event is part of the Hyacinthia festival in 2023 and includes a Half Marathon of 20 km and a running race of 11 km. The route is circular.

The 20 km race begins at 18:00 at the Spantidou Amphitheatre and goes towards the village of Pellana, following a rural road. The course consists of mixed asphalt paths and dirt roads.

The 11 km race starts at 18:30 at the Spantidou Amphitheatre and descends towards the village of Ag. Konstantinos, following a rural road with a significant incline up to 1,150 m. The route also includes mixed asphalt paths and dirt roads.

Based on the myth, the first royal running race was organized by Icarius in honor of his daughter Penelope, in the area where the village of Pellana is located today. The winner of the race would marry Penelope, the daughter of King Icarius. Odysseus was the one who, as history shows, came first in the running race, and won the beautiful Penelope.

The Pinelopeios Road- 3rd Royal Road Race is an excellent opportunity for people to challenge themselves and push their limits. Participants can experience the joy of completing a race, regardless of their sports background. This event not only honors a mythical past but also inspires an active present, encouraging individuals to become the heroes of their journeys, just like Odysseus did in ancient times.

The day to run in the footsteps of Odysseus is approaching. Don’t hesitate and register today by clicking here: