July 25, 2023 athletopian-user

Athletopians’ Time

We love running. And we love sharing and communicating our vision of running, what keeps us going what motivates us, what fears us the most. We believe it is important to connect with our people, our community…the big-running family.

This week Dimitris Kollimenos shares with us his experience in running;

Why do you like running?

Running and sports, in general, are a way of life. They help you relieve stress from your daily routine. Additionally, there is no age limit, and it doesn’t require significant costs. It’s something you can do on your own at any time of the day, without pressure, and according to your own schedule.

What is the most challenging part of staying consistent with your running program?

It’s very challenging if you lack discipline. It also requires dedication and passion. Recently, due to professional obligations, I wasn’t able to stay consistent with my program, resulting in a dramatic drop in my performance in the last race. However, for those who have true determination, they can achieve everything they set their minds to.

In how many races do you usually participate each year?

Races are what always motivate me to train. Usually, I participate in 5-6 races per year, mostly in 5-kilometer routes in nearby areas from my location. Since 2016 when I started running, I have participated in around 40-45 races.

What do you do once you finish your running workout?

After each training session, there are always mandatory stretches and recovery exercises to ensure that the body returns to its desired levels.

What gives you the motivation to continue?

My motivation has always been to improve and encourage young people to engage in sports and fill the fields, leaving behind bad habits.

It feels great to know that we can connect through our love for running. Some days practicing or getting to the finishing line may get hard that’s when we need to get moving and keep going.

Thank you, Dimitris, for sharing your experience with us. Athletopians, let’s create a space where we can exchange opinions and share problems. Till next time…keep running!