July 18, 2023 athletopian-user

6th Parapotamios Ardas Road Race

On July 29th, we are participating in the 6th Parapotamios Ardas Road Race! This running event includes a 10km Road Race and a 3km Health and Dynamic Walk Race, starting at 18:30.

The time limit for completing the 10km Race is set at 90 minutes, while for the 3km route, it is 45 minutes. Both routes start and finish near the entrance of the “Meeting of Youth Ardas 2023” festival, on the banks of the Ardas River in Kastanies Evros. Participants will run on dirt roads along the parallel path of the river, connecting Kastanies with Rizia.

Ardas is the northernmost river in Greece, serving as an important ecosystem for the region and is recognized as a habitat of exceptional national significance.

Everyday life can get hard but running is always there to save the day. Running in nature disconnects us from everyday rhythms and fuels us with the energy to keep moving forward. And it takes literally nothing to run. A pair of shoes and the willingness to make the first step. So, on Saturday, 29/07, we are making this first step to get to the starting line of an area of unique natural beauty, where water is the dominant element, making it ideal for sports activities.

Since, there is a registration limit, of 150 participants for the 10,000m race and 150 participants for the 3,000m race, do not waste time and register here: