February 17, 2023 athletopian-user


Lace up your running shoes and get ready to hit the pavement of Dromos Axion!

This thrilling event is the perfect opportunity to challenge yourself, push your limits, and make a difference in the world.On March 11th, athletes from all over, will converge in Argos to participate in this incredible running event. With a distance of 21,100 meters, the course is designed to test your endurance and stamina, and to provide you with an unforgettable running experience.

As an adult, you have the chance to join other like-minded individuals who are passionate about fitness, health, and charitable causes. The landscape along the route is breathtaking, with scenic views of the ancient Theatre of Argos and other points of interest that will leave you awestruck.

But it’s not just about the race itself – this event is also a charity event, with all proceeds from registration fees going to “Doctors Without Borders.” By participating in the Dromos Axion, you’ll not only be challenging yourself physically but also helping to make a difference in the world. So come on and join the excitement of the Dromos Axion! You’ll have the chance to meet new friends, challenge yourself, and contribute to a great cause. Whether you’re a seasoned runner or new to the sport, this event is for you. Register now and get ready to run!