September 8, 2022 athletopian-user



“Run with your heart… for your heart!” is the slogan of CARDIO RUN 2022 which will take place on Saturday, October 22 in Paleo Faliro. It’s a running event that wants to show the world that the answer to physical and mental health problems is running. The event is suitable for all categories and ages as you can find 3 races: 8k, 3k and 1k.

“Running is the best way to improve psychological and physical health. But what if we can combine health and entertainment? Then, running is the answer. We want to motivate people to get out and run with us. This is why Cardio Run 2022 is here, to welcome all the running lovers who want to celebrate with us at our amazing races which are by the sea, at Palaio Faliro. We want to promote health through our events to people and especially to new generations in an entertaining way.” says the organizer Doros Kleovoulou.

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