July 28, 2022 athletopian-user


JULY 28, 2022

After two years of absence, on August 7 it’s once again time for a magical 10k course in nature, running next to the scenic Lake Plastira. Open for all ages, you can choose between the 10k race, the 5,5k race or the 600m children race.

Our organization members and our volunteers are getting ready to welcome our runners at 3rd Laikos Dromos Fragma Limni Plastira – Mouha Kastania. We have prepared special races for kids and adults in one of the most beautiful lakes in Greece, Lake Plastira”, says the event organizer Ntina Egglezou.

Tickets for August 7 is available here: https://event.athletopia.com/limniplasthramouhakastania