April 23, 2024 anna

2ο Axios Running Festival

The 2nd Axios Running Festival is coming on May 19, 2024, with sports activities for all ages and skill levels! The event includes:

  • The Axios Gold Half Marathon: International Half Marathon

  • The Axios Historic Route: Health and Fitness Walk, 5 km

  • The Axios Social Family Mile: Health and Fitness Walk, 1 Mile

The 2nd Axios Running Festival is co-organized by the Municipality of Chalkidona, in collaboration with the Athletic Gymnastics Club “Hephaestus” of Vathylakkos and the Cultural Gymnastics Club of Gefyra.

The Axios Running Festival aims to provide a multidimensional experience for participants, integrating sports into a broader framework of tourism and social activities. The event includes athletic activities on routes certified by the global federation World Athletics, as well as various parallel cultural and social events.

The goal is to offer a rich experience that combines physical activity with culture and social participation, promoting a healthy lifestyle and citizen well-being. With an emphasis on high-quality organization and safety, the Axios Running Festival is a unique sporting and social event, attracting runners of all ages and skill levels. The program also includes various activities such as Kids’ Athletics, traditional festivities, and environmental actions.

Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in the 2nd Axios Running Festival!
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