April 2, 2024 athletopian-user

15th Monopati Parnassou

The Athletic Club of Amphicleia “Dionysos” is organizing the 15th “Parnassus Trail 2024”, a significant event featuring mountain and road races, which will take place in the beautiful region of Amphicleia. The races will last for two days and include 7 separate routes, offering participants the opportunity to enjoy unique running experiences in an area rich in natural beauty and history.

On the first day of the races, Saturday, April 27th, children’s races will take place at various distances, providing young athletes with the opportunity to compete and have fun. This will be followed by the “Amphicleia City Trail” race, featuring a route that traverses the traditional streets and alleys of the city. After the awards ceremony, there will be a Pasta Party for all runners.

On the second day, Sunday, April 28th, the mountain trail races will reward the athletes through paths and forest roads of Parnassus and Amphicleia, offering views and natural beauty. Runners will face challenges such as ascending high peaks, traversing rocky terrain, and crossing impressive landscapes.

Amphicleia, a town with an extensive history and culture, is located at the foothills of Mount Parnassus, captivating with its charm amidst dense forests and the vast valley of the Kifisos River. With a population of approximately 3,012 residents according to the 2011 census, it serves as the central hub of an agricultural area, dominated by tobacco, cotton, and grain cultivation.

In recent years, Amphicleia has been developing its tourism, partly due to its proximity to the popular ski resort of Parnassus. The town hosts the Athletic Club Parnassos, while its four parishes constitute attractions for history enthusiasts, with their sacred temples reflecting the richness of its tradition. Besides its rich agricultural heritage, Amphicleia keeps alive the traditions and festivals of Roumeli, showcasing the cultural diversity of the region, and making it a worthwhile destination for those seeking to explore authentic Greek countryside and discover the charm of tradition.

The races will be conducted with a focus on environmental protection, as the organizing committee prioritizes the preservation of the natural beauty and ecosystem of the area.

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